Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visions of Peace

People Rise Up

Let us honor the memory of our Brother Mike Brown by re-imagining Ferguson as a model for people power. Let us honor him with public servants truly helping to move our community forward, keeping our young people safe. Let us build wide sidewalks in his name and line them with fruit trees and flowers, make them safe to walk down at any time of day or night. Let us build a community center and plant an urban garden in his name, a place where folks can nourish their minds and bodies.

There are people from across the country and around the world still willing to support Ferguson with time, skills and money. Let us give them something to do.

A small group of family, friends and neighbors can get this conversation started, asking what little things need doing to make the neighborhood better. Meet face to face and put a plan down on paper. Learn how to run an effective meeting. Set broad goals and specific objectives.

We need a cop watch program to protect our children as we begin to get organized. Occupy Ground Zero for affordable housing and a living wage. Legalize marijuana. Create public art. Choose your battles and commit to nonviolence.

Find common ground and be inclusive. Get your small group to work with other small groups and begin to build a strong, diverse movement.

Know Your History

Elders, please inspire and guide. Share what you know with our youth. Help reveal the roots of this rebellion and its historical significance.

Young people, please step forward to lead this change. We need your energy and creativity to get things rolling and keep them exciting.

We must demilitarize the police and transform these local forces through community hiring, training and oversight. Vote to effect regime change in Ferguson and wherever else necessary.